Gay Street Night Work Road Closure

Starting Sunday 8/11 at 8 PM, Gay Street will be closed between High Street and Church Street, including Lacey Street being closed between Walnut and High. Church Street between Chestnut Street and Gay Street will also be closed.

Road & Traffic ManagementRoad Safety
West ChesterCity in Pennsylvania
William MannChief Information Officer
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Paving & Crosswalk Work

Monday August 26, 8 pm to Tuesday August 27, 6 am High Street will be closed between Market and Gay as well as Gay and Chestnut to facilitate paving and crosswalk work.

Street Closure

Thursday August 22 from 8 AM to 2 PM South Church Street from Miner Street to Hemlock Alley for tree removal

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Waze to Alert

This project identifies pothole reports from the Waze app, auto-generates a work order request, and contacts a maintenance field crew. This automation reduces the need for navigating the roads searching for situations needing repair, documenting, and re-dispatching maintenance.

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